Living yoga one breath, one smile, one pose at a time.


Welcome to RW Yoga

Yoga is not about touching your toes, it's about what you learn on the way down.

-Jigar Gor

Yoga has been my saving grace over the years. It has taught me how to deal with day to day stresses, truly understand who I am, and meet some beautiful souls. Every breath, every smile/frown, every thought is a new practice and as you get deeper into your practice you will journey deeper into yourself... that is the true gift of yoga. That gift has inspired me to help others start the same journey. It is my pleasure to guide individuals through this process to heal individuals one breath at a time so we can heal the community one soul at a time. 


Yoga is for Every Body! Explore the depths of your body and its limitations with deep breathing while developing strength, flexibility, and balance in a supportive environment. Whether you are a brand new student or highly experienced, you'll be able to start the journey to self here!

Yoga Accessories


Join yoga with other expectant moms to experience all the amazing benefits of yoga. Learn poses and breathing techniques that will help you with the many changes of pregnancy and the preparation of labor and delivery. 
Prenatal classes are offered in four week series and require no experience. 



Allow me to create an individualized class tailored to your needs. We can plan flow that include poses you want, try poses that you need a little more work on, or simply focus on the basics to build your confidence before you join a group yoga class. With private yoga classes you can take your practice to the next level.


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