Renee Watkins is a multidisciplinary holistic health and wellness advocate who has dedicated her career to serving marginalized communities. She is a certified vinyasa, rocket, and prenatal yoga instructor, certified lactation consultant, trained doula, placenta encapsulation specialist, and event coordinator.
Renee began her yoga practice in 2013 after years of modeling and as she deepened her knowledge, it awakened both her 
curiosity and creativity. After noticing the absence of diversity in yoga she created Yoga For My People Outreach Program and BlackMenBend NonProfit Organization. With her background in dance and modeling (which is a world of body awareness and positivity), she created Naked Soul Yoga and Poetry in Motion Live Yoga (which infused the arts with yoga). PIML eventually birthed Watkins Productions LLC. 
As she became more aware of the anatomy of yoga and the beauty it offered the body she went through prenatal yoga teacher training at Nurture Nashville Yoga. Shortly after, she trained with Homeland Heart Birth and Wellness Collective to become a doula so that she could use yoga to help expected and new moms navigate through pregnancy and motherhood.
Renee lives by the notion that you should learn something new everyday so she is always reading, always studying, and still always sharing the information she has.