Introducing Priestess

Priestess is Neo-Soul /Hip-Hop based artist originally born In Tulsa, OK. Spending most of her life in Nashville, TN, there,  her artistry was born. 

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Music became a reflection of spiritual growth for Priestess at age 25. In the process of taking an intentional journey of self-mastery, Priestess discovered an assortment of ways to evolve and share that blueprint with the world. It then became a mission to completely change the paradigm for the standard of “entertainment”. 
Priestess currently resides in Atlanta, GA where she is a Full-Time Songwriter, Artist, Producer, and Audio/Mixing  Engineer. After 5 years of professionally being in the industry as an artist , Priestess has touched 300+ stages. She then decided to expand her skill set where she studied and applied the art of music production and mixing engineering. After 8 months of completed training, “Perry House Productions” was born. It was created as a seed of generational wealth and a foundation for services of songwriting, production, arrangement, and engineering.
Priestess was then hired at “The Cook Up” studio in Atlanta as a recording/mixing engineer. Shortly after, she was then signed to Sonic Communion Production Company as a mixing engineer. Now, with a full set of skills from pre to post production, Priestess takes on the new journey, and we look forward to it.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.