Your Grace

Fashion Show

Vendor Application

Your Grace Fashion Show + Masquerade Ball will be held on Sunday June 13, 2021 at Notes Lounge from 9pm to midnight. Vendors are asked to be at the venue by 7pm on the day of the show for set up (doors will open at 8:30 for guests... if you aren’t set up in your space by the time doors open you will not be allowed to set up and you will not receive a refund).

Each vendor space is on the outer wall of the venue (except for vip venders) + comes with one booth that seats 5 + one basic round table. If you want to bring an extra table please feel free to do so. 

we are only allowing space for 10 vendors.

 - general vendor tables are $100 (includes the above)

 - vip vendor tables are $125 (includes the above,, priority booth choice, + a chance to speak      during the fashion show)

 - premium vip vendor tables are $225 (includes the above, set up in the vip room, walk down      the runway) ONLY 2 AVAILABLE

apply below if interested 

The dress code for vendor is business formal, cocktail, or blacktie. Sneakers, baseball caps, and tshirts will not be allowed. Select yes if you agree to the dress code.
EACH VENDOR IS REQUIRED TO SALE A MINIMUM OF 5 TICKETS. You will receive a coupon code to get credit (you'll receive 10% credit for every ticket after 5). Select yes if you understand this requirement.

Thanks for submitting!