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mother, published model, international yoga instructor, writer, event planner

Renee was born and raised in a South Nashville housing project FURTHEST away from the peace and tranquility of yoga. She was educated in Metro Nashville Public Schools where she ran track and first fell in love with the capabilities of the human body. Renee continues to run track until she was 17 years old and learned that she was pregnant with her daughter Aniya. In the Fall of that year against the advice of immediate family she started school at Tennessee State University. There she started modeling with Allure Modeling Troupe and later teamed up with Dwight Pope of Diavontti Model Management. While there, she gave birth to her son Aidyn and in the same year decided law school wasn't something she wanted to do. She still received her bachelors degree and continued to model for


While battling depression and rehearsing for a fashion show, her runway coach suggested yoga or pilates as an alternative to the gym. After researchig the two, she chose yoga because it seemed easier and looked more artsy. She officially began her yoga practive in July of 2013 and quickly found that mental benefits were more alluring than the physical. She went to her first few classes with Jamal Hutchinson who encouraged her to go with him to yoga teacher training. She reaceive her 200 hour yoga teacher training from Kaliy Yuga Yoga in November of 2014. 

Renee's goal as a yoga instructor is to get people, especially minorities, to understand to importance and the benefits of yoga. She wants them to know the discipline, openness, love, and internal growth that goes along with it. For that reason, she has classes that are affordable to the everyday person, and she has created multiple programs to meet people exactly where they are.

Outside of her many classes, Renee has created Naked Soul Yoga, Poetry in Motion Live, BlackMenBend, and Yoga For My People. Each program was 

i aspire to be an inspiration!

was implemented to cater to the inclusion, comfort, and motivation of individuals who can not afford to pay the high cost of traditional yoga class... it's also for those who are not and do not look like the yogis who are commonly promoted across the media. She also started Watkins Productions LLC where she is allowed to promote her own creativity as well as that in others. 

She understands that yoga has given her much peace and she was to give people that same gift. Along with her practice she has been able to inspire, assist, and encourage people all across the globe... that wouldn't have been a possibility as a lawyer.

The highest human act is to inspire 

-Nipsey hussle