About Us

Our company consists of a mom, her kiddos, and a few friends who help make one small dream a big reality. We thrive in 3 areas: Event Production/Decoration, Product Creations, and Branding. Our goal is to create a stage for people who wouldn't normally be heard, in places people wouldn't;t normally go. doing exactly what people need to see. We use this platform as a runway for artists seeking a fast track to global success + for consumers to truly experience the arts.
We do everything from brunch and entrepreneurship (Hey Sis Sunday) to yoga and poetry (Poetry in Motion Live) and still offer a way for you to have beautiful merchandise to show for it.



photographer, makeup creator, cosmetologist, assistant creative director, merchandiser, sales associate

videographer, lead merchandiser, assistant photographer, sales associate

creative director, producer, writer, assistant makeup creator, assistant merchandiser

who are you and what do you do?

I'm Aniya, I'm 14 and I do hair, make

cosmetics, take pictures, help my mom with

events, and help my brother make shirts.

what made you get into it?

Cosmetics was really a money thing, I

believe I was maybe 12 when I thought of it. I

got into hair because I've seen my grandma

do it my whole life. I also know how I feel

before + after I get my hair done and I want

to be the cause of others feeling like that

Photography came about because I always

helped my mom take pictures and she told

me if she helped me start my make up

company she would need me to do

photography, so here I am. I help my brother

because I love that guy.

what is your biggest peetpeeve about


Well with lipgloss + hair, lipgloss makes

everything greasy and hair is usually all over

the place. Photography is sometimes hard

because I want to make sure I am getting a

good shot. Balancing school with everything

can be a bit difficult too, but I love what I do.

what's your inspiration?

I want to make people feel good about

themselves and the things they see.

who are you and what do you do?

I'm Aidyn and I do videos for my mom,

make t-shirts, help my sister and mom take

pictures, and I play soccer, baseball, and


what made you get into it?

My mom said I should make my own

money because I always want something

and because I really like t-shirts.

what is your biggest peetpeeve about


Making sure the vinyl is put on the shirts the

right way AND I don't like going to the

postoffice. Videographer takes a really long

time and I always need my mom's help to

do it.


what's your inspiration?

I like buying candy and V-Bucks

who are you and what do you do?

I'm Renee and I literally do everything..

yoga, birth work, events, cosmetics,

apparel, write, direct, produce, and

somebody made me a mom too.

what made you get into it?

understanding generational wealth and

wanting to offer people who look like me

something positive.

what is your biggest peetpeeve about


trying to get people to support their own

or even the idea of showing people why

they need what you have.

what's your inspiration?

my parents, grandparents, + my children.

I want to be able to give The Birds (my

kids lol) what the people before me

couldn't give me all while making people



IT SELLS OUT EVERYTIME!!! Renee and her team did an amazing job as always ❤️🤞🏾🔥... if you missed it (Poetry in Motion Live) then that's on you. Better luck next time! #ItSellOutEachTime #SomeOfTheDopestIndividuals


When I found out it was a mom and two kids, I admit, I was a bit skeptical but still wanted to give them a shot because the concept is so beautiful. There were moments I forget Aniya and Aidyn were kids, because they were so stinking sweet and professional. I respect Renee for such an amazing company but this also says so much about her parenting skills. My baby shower was absolutely beautiful and I will for sure be booking Watkins Productions for future events.